Interactive Mirror Displays

Be the busiest booth at the show. Instead of walking past your booth, visitors will line up to interact with your Da Vinici Mirror, and excitedly share branded images and gifs on their social media.

Leave a lasting impression with the Da Vinci Mirror while collecting targeted leads and valuable data. Your trade shows will no longer be a mere branding effort where people just pick up business cards and grab a pen.

How It Works

1. Choose from our assortment of interactive mirrors for meeting the needs and requirements of your show. We will assist you with meeting your needs and your budget.

2. We discuss with you the interactive experience, branding, and creative strategy that will accomplish your goals for your trade show or exhibition.

3. We create the digital assets for the interactive mirror experience you chose.

4. We set up the interactive mirrors and manage the visitor experience at your trade show or exhibition.

5. The interactive mirrors attract the attention of visitors and a line forms to get a free experience with the Da Vinci mirror and receive digital and physical image keepsakes.

6. Visitors easily share their images on social media with your branding while the Da Vinci mirror collects email addresses and other valuable data on the visitor.

7. You are provided complete data for determining ROI.

8. You follow up with leads thru email, FB ads, or phone calls.

Interactive Mirror Event marketing | Da Vinci Mirror

Trade Show Booth Success Tips

  • First Impressions are Everything. For Real.
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do – You want a line at your booth. Seeing other people engaged makes them want to see what the buzz is all about.
  • Extend Your Reach with promotional giveaways that are visible and shareable.
  • Pre-Show Booth Meetings, such as marketing to your target audience ahead of time to invite them to your interactive mirror – even offering them appointments to save waiting in line.
  • Let Them Interact – An interactive experience has staying power – which helps draw a crowd.
  • May the Best Man Win – you want the best salespeople on the floor – The DaVinic Mirror comes with friendly, trained hosts as well
  • Measure ROI – You need to measure the marketing techniques and their effectiveness. Such as using the data collected thru the mirror for close analysis of ROI and for follow up.
  • Be Hospitable – You can create a warm environment in your booth as people wait to interact with your mirror. The wait line is a huge opportunity for you.
  • Start Early – Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your trade show. There are so many options when you give yourself enough time to evaluate them. Contact The Da Vinci Mirror team today to discuss your options so you are excited about your trade show instead of panicking because you aren’t ready.
  • Learn Before You Lead – Benefit from the experience of those who are experts at attracting attention and creating great experiences and entertainment for your visitors.
  • Follow Up Fast – The DaVinci Mirror provides leads that are available immediately to follow up on and drop into email campaigns.
  • Conclusion – Unique ideas get the most buzz but only if the strategy harmonizes with the brand and the industry. Don’t go big and extravagant if it doesn’t have a purpose. The biggest success stories come from the companies with the most thought out marketing campaign at the show. Give it your all. Take plenty of time to prepare. Trade shows are a big investment. Make it worth it. – Contact the Da Vinci Mirror team today for a free consultation on how The DaVinci Mirror can easily give you all these advantages at your next trade show.