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Team Building & Parties

Make Employees Happier

Even though throwing an office party or investing in team building activities may seem like extravagances that are unnecessary, research shows these activities positively impact outcomes across the board. If your goal is a more cohesive and productive workplace, then team building activities and office parties are worth investing the time and resources to organize.

Fortunately it’s easier and more memorable when you use Da Vinci mirrors for your activities and parties. We are experts at helping people have a good time, and we even come and help out, making your job easier. Call to discuss your event and how we can help.

Grow As A Team

An effective office party or team building event will have longevity. You want employees to remember the good times when times aren’t going as good. The Da Vinci Mirror not only entertains and brings people together, it also gives physical and digital souvenirs to keep memories fresh long after the event is over. We have seven tips to help you have a successful employee event.

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7 Tips for Successful Employee Events

• Schedule during work hours – because no matter how much they may love their job, nobody wants to put in extra time on evenings or weekends to attend a mandatory work event. If you can, schedule the activity during the workday

• Encourage collaboration, not competition – even though competition can be fun, collaboration is better for building a team spirit and morale. Choose an activity that encourages employees to work together to create something or solve a problem.

• Make it accessible and inclusive for everyone –. Make sure your event accommodates all your employees, taking into consideration physical conditions or health sensitivities and that it’s appropriate for everyone. A party around Christmas could be called a Holiday include other religions.

• Go offsite – Sometimes, just getting outside of the four walls of an office helps people interact with one another more freely. Even if you’re doing a team-building session that could easily take place in your company boardroom, book a meeting space offsite anyway to give the impression that this is not “regular” work.

• Set Clear Expectations – Staff should know exactly what the intent of the team building activity is (other than getting out of work for a few hours!) Are you trying to develop a new company mission statement? Are you hoping to come up with
more efficient processes, or do you want to do a better job of integrating new hires with the rest of the team? Employees may be more on board if they know why the activity is taking place.

• Gather Feedback – Within a couple of days of the event, reach out to all participants to thank them for their time and ask them to provide constructive feedback about the event. This feedback can be really useful when it’s time to plan your next group event.

• Leave it to the Pros – In the end, there are many important decisions to make to give your corporate holiday party or team building events the best chance of success. Considering all the thoughtful planning you’ll have to do, wouldn’t it be nice to give over some of those details to someone else? Call us for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve your company goals at your next employee event.