Contests & Publicity

Get Your Brand Noticed

Contests and publicity stunts are a fantastic way to get free publicity generated by your campaign, stunt, or promotion. This comes in the form of TV and radio news reports, write-ups in newspapers and magazines, mentions on all the social media sites, plus shares by the general public.

The Da Vinci mirror has so many capabilities for publicity stunts and contests that it’s just waiting for the next brainstorming session to create the buzz you’re looking for.

Publicity Stunt Marketing

If you do a stunt well, people will do all the heavy lifting for you. When it comes to pictures, gifs and videos, almost everyone will share if the event is interesting and attention-getting.

So, how do you grab their attention? What can you do that will actually make thousands, if not millions, of people advertise your brand or product for you? We have lots of ideas for you with the Da Vinci mirror, here are twelve ideas to get you started.

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Publicity Ideas

Do Something First:

Ideally, something very entertaining or impactful. For example, inviting people to have their picture taken at a Da Vinci Mirror and their photo will be added to a photo mosaic that will be launched into space on the next shuttle. Nobody has done that before. Want your picture in space?

Poke Fun at a Competitor:

There is a fine line here so you don’t come across as too snarky, but done right it can be hugely successful. Mac skewered the PC in a series of commercials that were watched and shared millions of times online. With the Da Vinci Mirror’s animations and branding capabilities, you’ll want to make sure you get here before your competition.

Zig When Others Zag:

Doing what everyone else is doing is a great way to disappear in the fog. You want to stand out, so do something your competition isn’t doing. The Da Vinci Mirror gives you options your competitors will not be happy about.

Hijack an Event or Holiday:

With the Da Vinci Mirror you can grab extra attention on any holiday or event, like the Oscars or World Cup, Election days, the Olympics, or even National Sandwich Day. The sky is the limit when you are ready to leverage a holiday or event to get publicity for your business.

Break a World Record:

The Guinness Book of World Records has thousands of records archived, and new records are broken every day. It has become such a great way to capture the imagination of the public that Guinness has sections of its website devoted to corporations getting involved in new or existing records. They list the advantages of record break as boosting brand awareness, team building, good cause promotions, and anniversaries. We have some record-breaking ideas using the Da Vinci Mirrors. Want to hear them?

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Create a Viral Event and Release the Footage:

Staging a creative event and filming it is a great way to go viral online. TNT’sPush To Add Dramavideo is a great example of this. But how do you stage that event? Imagine what you could do with an interactive mirror in the right place at the right time interacting with passer bys. As the mirror calls out to them, and you are filming the scene. Want to know more? We are only a phone call away.

Go Big, Really Big:

If you do not want to be ignored, make something so big it’s impossible to ignore. Giant 30 foot tall statues of Michael Jackson were placed in various locations around the world when his HIStory album was released. With digital technology you going big got easier. Imagine using images from well-placed Da Vinci Mirrors to create a humongous photo mosaic on the sides of buildings anywhere in the world.

Focus on a Landmark:

Major landmarks around the world provide great photo opportunities. Using the Da Vinci Mirror with landmark animations is an easy way to get attention for your business. For example, a company could use the Da Vinci Mirror to get pictures of their employees at the famous landmark where they could win a trip to actually go there. The pictures could keep the goal in mind, ie, “See yourself here in six months if you meet your sales quota.”

Contest Ideas

Make it Attractive to Your Target Market:

For example, if you are promoting at an auto show, use a label like “How do you look in your dream car?” and use the Da Vinci Mirror to get a picture of them sitting in the car of their dreams. They can then enter the contest of sharing their picture to qualify for a prize.

Tie Promotion to an Event:

If you promote your contest in conjunction with a major event, you will get people interested in that event. Using the car show example above, you can promote on social media “Visit us at the car show and see yourself in your dream car for free.”

Choose prizes of value to your target market:

You wouldn’t want to offer a free purse to the person who shared their picture from the Da Vinci Mirror the most times on social media. But you might be able to arrange a free ride for them in their dream car.

Offer an Incentive for Social Sharing:

When they interact with the mirror, they get an increased chance of winning in return for sharing on FB, tweeting, etc. It’s so easy.